On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Hassan Aurag wrote:

>  Hi,
>  I need to say I am not a 3D expert, but I have comments given below 
> to each point.
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> On 2/28/00, 3:35:43 PM, Lauris Kaplinski <> wrote 
> regarding 3D API RFC:
>  Linux 3D scene is plagued with 3D libraries no one really uses. 
> Adding another non standard one is useless unless you want to rewrite 
> a DirectX for Linux as it is the standard 3D library in Windows world. 
> The way to go is then OpenGl/DirectX like stuff if you want anyone to 
> actually use the thing. 

True - almost as true, as to say, that Linux is plagued with programming
languages, widget sets etc...
Probably there is room for more than one library, as I've still not found
any one, which plugs seamlessy into GNOME/Gtk framework. For seamless
plugging I mean:
- is reasonably high level (much higer than openGL)
- is reasonably easy to use for beginner (like GnomeCanvas)
- is extensible using gtk type system (i.e. no C++ classes)
- have interfaces for many languages (again no C++)
There are several other interesting possibilities, such as using
GnomeCanvas for texture rendering, using transparent canvas for 2D
graphics on top of 3D widget (menus etc.), rendering 3D world directly to
I know nothing about DirectX, but didn't you mean Direct3D, what is
Microsoft answer to OpenGL. Both are probably too low-level for many

>  Isn't this dead? I mean everybody I ask say it's dead!

VRML? I hope you didn't mean libglade ;-)
Still VRML is only semi-standard, human readable/writable 3D format lying
around. It WILL be probably superceded by xml based W3D, but unfortunately
the latter is still in designing phase.


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