Re: gtk bug?

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Martin Oberzalek <> writes:
> > I created 2 simple windows. On one window there are some
> > pushbuttons and there I choosed the "pressed" signal.
> >
> > Now when I press the button, the signal arrives.
> > When I click on the other window, this window doesn't react, but
> > the "pressed" signal arrives a second time.
> > After clicking a second time on the window, the window reacts.
> >
> I don't understand exactly what's happening...

I am not sure this is the same thing... Try clicking between same-gnome 
and another window (changing focus by clicking the client area, you need
standard click-to-focus), and observe how the score gets increased, but
the tiles do not get removed.

The problem is with replayed events by the WM (tried with icewm and

... There is no perfect file selection dialog...

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