Re: [gnome-about] Title box is a hyperlink

George <> writes:
> Why not make the new somewhat deprecated, and just use the arguments.  This
> should go for all gnome widgets I think.

I think we should always have _new() for the common cases. Arguments
require reading more documentation, aren't typesafe, and are less
convenient if you are doing something really common.

For example:
 label = gtk_label_new(_("Blah"));

 label = gtk_widget_new(gtk_label_get_type(),
                        "text", _("Blah"), NULL);

the second version gets old real fast. 

Of course in the GnomeAbout case the args seem like a really nice API
since you have lots of fields and many of them are optional.

We do need to _support_ arguments for all the widgets though.


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