Re: Patches accepted?


Elliot Lee <> wrote:
> I don't think anyone has paid too much thought to API compatibility. 

Someone probably should ;)

> apps that use GtkXmHTML (are there any?) to see how hard the conversion 

The gnome-help-browser uses it and I'm using it (although I'm quite keen not to
anymore - it's pretty sucky ;)

I wouldn't recommend looking at the help browser as a guide on how to use the
widget - they do some really wierd stuff with it that seems to be pretty much
redundant (much of the help browser code seems to be "wierd"). I love this in
it's source:

/* does some sanity checking, dont try to understand :) */

Most of the GtkXmHTML functions could probably be made no-ops since a fair
number of them don't do anything anway and the rest that do probably aren't in
GtkHTML. You might get into problems with form handling and stuff like that -
I've not touched any of that so I don't know.

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