Re: How to write an applet?

On Sun, Jan 09, 2000 at 03:21:03AM +0100, Andreas Sliwka wrote:
> Hi,
>   after searching for more than one hour I now give up
> and ask you: Where do I find a information how to write a gnome panel applet
> that compiles with the last stable gnome? I found the tutorial from Gerg~o
> 'Erdi, but it does not work with my libs. It compiles, but starting it I get:

In the source distribution of gnome-core, there should be a file called
APPLET_WRITING which is sort of the official doc of the applet-widget

I also have it up on my website somewhere (but I dunno if it's up to date,
I'll need to update that and also update it on the


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