Re: An Idea... [ gnome-print ]


gnome-print *will* cover this.  Miguel? [and i?] are looking
into issues/design at the moment.

It already has the application interface to generate print data
(thanks to Miguel/Raph), which is pretty easy to use, and can generate
postscript directly, and supports a nice high-quality preview mode.

Next we will investigate printer drivers for the other types
of printers (PCL, Epson ESC/P2 ESC/P1 etc).  gnome-print
already has a rasteriser for the data, we only need to add
a configuration mechanism and the data translations required
for colour printing (CMYK etc).

So yes, this issue is already under consideration ...


>   Hello!
>   Didn't you see this: I have a cool new printer, I can
> print very pretty documents even from wordpad from Windoze,
> but I CANT print it from my UNIX :(
>   Look to the StarOffice, ApplixWare, GIMP. They all
> have own printers drivers. While in Windoze I can
> simply draw any pictures/texts/etc as on screen, as on
> printer! Any simple program can print on ANY PRINTER.
> I don't need Postscript or knowledge about printer protocol.
> If there is a DRIVER (which is written by printers producer),
> then I can print on it. With any features (econofast/etc),
> any resolution, etc...
>   In UNIX... I didn't see a printer driver for UNIX.
>   Then - idea:
>   We need universal mechanism to convert text/graphics data
> to file, which can be simply sent to MY CONCRETE PRINTER, and
> my printer will print what I want.
>   Lets write a simple server application, which will receive
> requests and generate:
>   1) information about printer(s), which are supported by it.
>      Such as: paper sizes/resolutions/color-or-not/specials/etc,
>      i.e. any parameters, which can be tuned before printing or/and
>      which must be taken into account by application while generating
>      a printed document.
>      [request is the ask about it]
>   2) the data, which can be sent to the printer.
>      [request is the description of printed data]
>   This server will load DRIVERS - simply modules, which will
> generate printers data (see 2) from simple input language, and
> supply information about printer!
>   The server simply is a wrapper. But because of it
>   Not for any UNIX, but one module can be compiled for
> Linux-x86/Linux-Alpha/FreeBSD/etc... It's not a big trouble.
>   The input language must be simple. I think it must provide:
>   1) simple printing text (without using special font etc.)
>   2) printing a picture in format, supported by server
>      (server must provide information about supported
>       formats, and must support gif, xpm and XImage
>       in any cases, as I think)
>      Picture can be printed with scaling (smooth or not -
>      this must be a parameter) and/or rotation in any
>      position on paper.
>   Optionally server may support PostScript pictures or
> whole documents and any printers languages (e.g. HPL).
> If driver supports it, then server also supports it!
>   Using this mechanism ANY X-Window application will
> be capable to print on any printer - it simply will
> generate a picture (as it generate while drawing on
> screen) and send it to server!
>   And printer producers will be capable to write drivers
> not for only Windoze!
>   The server can also supply a printers options dialog,
> which can be integrated to GNOME, I think...
>   If my idea is mad, tell me why...
>   If good - tell me are you interested to write some
> drivers for it?
>                                         Serg
> PS: Sorry my English if you are shocked by it :)
> -- 
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