Re: Fonts and readability

Derek Simkowiak <> writes:

> 	I was looking at (hey, I was curious) and I
> found an article on fonts and readability, and Microsoft's new "ClearType"
> product:
> 	It's poorly written (the author takes three pages to say that
> monitors are lower res than books, and it reads like the guy works in the
> MS marketing department) but it covers some interesting details about
> pixel resolution, fonts, and making things more readable.  I'd be
> interested to know if any of this technology can be integrated into Gnome
> (or, more likely, into X).

To put it briefly, what X needs is well constructed, free set of
scaleable fonts covering all the common scripts in a few styles. And
it needs a decent font API.  Once we have those, the details of
rendering, whether normally or with intentional color fringing
(i.e. ClearType) are straightforward.


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