Hello edwin,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014, 4:32:13 PM, you wrote:

esfcu> Strangely enough, I\'ve been thinking about writing one over the 
esfcu> last few days. I was going to do it in python, which already has 
esfcu> wrappers for t1lib and freetype, and steal a lot of code from 
esfcu> sketch. The problem is that it\'s a pretty large project. A font
esfcu> editor is at least as complicated as a general vector graphics
esfcu> program. Also, good fonts in themselves represent a very large 
esfcu> design effort- at least months of work.  99.9% of the fonts out 
esfcu> there are rubbish, and the last thing we need is more bad fonts - 
esfcu> just a few really good text faces would be enough. Anyway if 
esfcu> anyone else would be interested in this, please mail me - I\'m just
esfcu> toying with ideas at the moment.

gfonted and Spif are two 'half dead' projects intent to create free
vector font editors. gfonted is folded into 'gill' which is something
similar to sketch except it is written in c. Spif is in coma at the
best. Spif is writen in python with gtk+ but no code is available.

Best regards,

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