Re: return of the MDI

On 14 Jan, James M. Cape wrote:
| wrote:
| > 
| > On 14 Jan, Antonio Campos wrote:
| > | * Iconify all MDI children when the parent window is iconifed. (Useful).
| > 
| > Partly a window manager issue, partly a program issue; if the program
| > defines the children as belonging to the parent's window group, the
| > window manager should do the right thing when the parent is iconified.
| > (If it doesn't, you need to get a better window manager.)
| Of course, the correct solution is to simply use the (or ask for a)
| window grouping feature in your window manager. So you can define groups

That's what I said, except that I also pointed out that Xlib *already*
supports window groups; see XSetWMHints().

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