Announce: gnome-socket library 0.0.5 (and a question)

* Description

gnome-socket is a little library for implementing asyncronous I/O on inet
sockets and asynchronous dns lookup in GNOME. The latter is done via
the GNU adns library (which is under GNU GPL).

* What it's new

Now gnome_socket_listen can accept multiple incoming connections.
UDP support started.

* License

The license is LGPL.
If you want to use the library but can't use GNU adns, compile with
--with-gpl-adns=no and the dns lookups will be performed via the standard
gnome_dns provided with gnome-libs (please note that this will fork() a
resolver). Remember to call gnome_dns_init() in that case.

* Status

Alpha, but stable.
Docs & examples still missing.

* Location

Request for advice:

Currently I could do async dns lookup in 3 ways:

1) via gnome_dns_lookup (using fork())
2) via GNU adns         (with the GPL license)
3) via the ares library (with a MIT-style license)

Currently, there's a compile time option (--with-gpl-adns) to switch
between 1) and 2). I'm considering dropping adns and start using ares
instead: in this way the library should be fully usable as LGPL by
everyone. Please note that gnome-socket is and will be under LGPL: what
I'm going to do is to add ares (a library under a MIT-style license) as a
Basically there's no need to maintain 3 different versions of the same
thing: I'd like to have only 3) in my library.

Is this the wiser choice? Any pro/cons?
Comments are welcome.


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