Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome


Derek Simkowiak <> wrote:
> having my Netscape status bar (along with the lower 5 centimeters of the 
> web page) hidden behind the Panel when I maximize it. 

Then you need to upgrade GNOME or E - when I maximise a window it always
stays within the confines of the panels (I have two, one at the top of the
screen and one at the bottom).
> Or having two pagers

Then disable the one you don't want to use.

> Or not being able to access "File" menus because the WM captures 
> the ALT key. 

Recent versions of E ship with multiply keybinding.cfg files - find the one
for people using gmc as the desktop and use that one instead.

> Or having two "background" images set, with two places to 
> set it (but with only one showing up). 

If you have multiple desktops, it makes sense to use E to set the background
- it works fine here with the GNOME one disabled.

> Or having two task bars. 

Again, disable the one you don't want. Neither E or GNOME are forcing you to
use any of their applets - they can all be disabled.

I still strenuously oppose the idea of having an official GNOME wm
(whichever one it is). There are more wms that include at least partial
GNOME support than offer any support to KDE and I suspect this is because of

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