Re: Segfault with GnomeCanvasWidget, test case

Am Sat, 22 Jan 2000 schrieb Aaron Lehmann:
>GnomeCanvasWidget has not been working for be at all. I have tried many
>things but it always either segfaults or doesn't display anything. I have
>attatched a simple program (compilation instructions in header) that
>produces a segfault when run on my machine. Can anyone fix it or
>gnome-libs so it doesn't segfault?
>Bonus: If you can get it to stop segfaulting, can you get it to actually
>display the label?
>Aaron Lehmann

    item = gnome_canvas_item_new (group,
                                  "widget", widget,
                                  "x", 0.0,	/*double*/
                                  "y", 40.0, /*double*/
                                  "anchor", GTK_ANCHOR_NORTH_WEST,
                                  "width", 500.0, /*double*/
                                  "height", 500.0, /*double*/
                                  "size_pixels", TRUE,

position and width are double format so they need the '.0'
on end.


btw, for what do you make this?
gtk_widget_ref (scrolledwindow1);
                                     }}__ }  ______  }}
                                  {{   \ \__/     =\  {
                                  (     > __     X /     {
        nur tote fische            }}  /_/  \_____/   {
      schwimmen mit dem strom.    }       {          }}

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