gnome issues with Tru64

(1) gdk-pixbuf 0.5.0 doesn't look in /usr/local/... for png, tiff,
    jpeg libraries.  I had to configure with

	CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib \
    It worked properly like this, but it should check /usr/local/...
    by default.

(2) gnome-core-1.1.1 (and other versions) and gnome-applets-1.1.1
    check for and finds -lintl but then don't use it, causing links to
    fail with 


    My solution was

	find . -name Makefile \
	    | xargs perl -0777 -i -pe 's/^INTLLIBS =.*/INTLLIBS = -lintl/m'

    although this obviously isn't ideal.  :-)

(3) Again in gnome-core-1.1.1, the following patch is required to
    compile on non-gcc.  This is a pretty common problem in gnome

--- gnome-core-1.1.1/panel/applet-widget.c.old	Thu Jan 13 05:21:41 2000
+++ gnome-core-1.1.1/panel/applet-widget.c	Thu Jan 27 14:14:07 2000
@@ -1323,6 +1323,7 @@
 		pptr = backing->_u.pmap;
+		;
 	if(servant->appwidget->frozen_level>0) {

(4) All through gnome stuff (notably gnome-libs-1.0.55) I find this
    sort of thing:

	typedef struct {
	} blah;

    For this to compile using DEC C, it needs to be changed to
	typedef struct {
	    int dummy;
	} blah;

    I've seen that this has been done in gnome-libs HEAD (I think),
    but the fix needs to be backported until 2.0 comes out.

(5) gnome-applets-1.1.1 bombs compiling gkb with

	cc: Error: gkb.c, line 740: Invalid expression. (badexpr)
	       APPLET_ACTIVATE(gkb_activator, "gkb_applet", &gkb_impl);
	cc: Error: gkb.c, line 740: Invalid statement. (badstmt)
	       APPLET_ACTIVATE(gkb_activator, "gkb_applet", &gkb_impl);
	cc: Error: gkb.c, line 744: Invalid expression. (badexpr)
	       APPLET_DEACTIVATE(gkb_deactivator, "gkb_applet", gkb_impl);
	cc: Error: gkb.c, line 744: Invalid statement. (badstmt)
	       APPLET_DEACTIVATE(gkb_deactivator, "gkb_applet", gkb_impl);

    I couldn't figure out where APPLET_* is supposed to be coming

(6) gnome-applets-1.1.1/mini-commander/src/terminal.c bombs compiling

	cc: Error: terminal.c, line 159: In this declaration, the type of
	"historyAutoComplete" is not compatible with the type of a
	previous declaration of "historyAutoComplete" at line number 131
	in file terminal.c. (notcompat)
	historyAutoComplete(GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event)

    Reordering the functions in the file allows it to compile.

(7) gnome-applets-1.1.1/modemlights/modemlights.c bombs with 

	cc: Error: modemlights.c, line 264: In this statement,
	"ifr_ifrn" is not a member of "ifreq". (needmember)
		strncpy(ifreq.ifr_ifrn.ifrn_name, device_name, IFNAMSIZ);

(8) gnome-applets-1.1.1/gnotes/gnotes_applet.c doesn't compile because
    the g_debug() macro is completely a gcc-ism (I think).

I'll be happy to take suggestions on any of these or provide further
output.  Thanks for the good work on 1.1.1.


Aron Griffis            Compaq Computer Corporation, ZKO3-3/T30
Tru64 Hardware Support  110 Spit Brook Rd, Nashua, NH  03062

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