a few gnome questions


My apologies for bothering you all, but I've been unable to find answers
to my questions in the online documentation. I'm encountering two
problems. The answer to the first is probably simple:

I want to have a button in a panel applet which has a pixmap. I am calling 

green = gdk_pixmap_create_from_xpm_d(applet->window, &greenmask,

to create the pixmap. however, during runtime I get the following error:

Gdk-WARNING **: Creating pixmap from xpm with NULL window and colormap

so it seems to me that doing applet->window is invalid. Can anyone point
me into the right direction as to what I want to be doing?

My second problem has to do with gnome_config_*. I want to do some session
saving stuff, so during initialization, I do 


and do some stuff followed by a gnome_config_pop_prefix. Then I have a

save_session(GtkWidget *app, const char *privcfgpath,
             const char *globcfgpath)

which I connect to the "save_session" signal. inside this callback I do 


followed by some stuff, followed by another gnome_config_pop_prefix.

however, the problem I am having is that the privcfgpath passed to my
callback is different than applet->privcfgpath. The privcfgpath passed to
my callback is of the form /panel.d/default/Applet_##_Extern/, but
applet->privcfgpath is always /panel.d/default/Applet_Dummy/.

The same holds true for globcfgpath. So for the time being I'm calling
gnome_config_push_prefix with a hardcoded path, although I don't think
this is so great an idea. Can anyone tell me why gnome thinks my applet is
a dummy?

many thanks,

--  Pete Rijks
   http://www.nd.edu/~prijks/                                 \|/ 
  Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering                   -*- 
 University of Notre Dame (Class of 2000)                     /|\

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