Python Update Program

OK, for those of you who remember, I'm making a Python program that
automatically updates files from the 'net.

Um, I have a regular expression that parses a filename into
packege/version/type (.tar.gz, .i386.rpm).  I need to add more types
(like .deb, .apt, etc.) but I don't know most of them, and I'm unsure if
they have mutliple 'parts' like RPM's (as in the .i586, .src and so on)

Here's my regex

If anyone familar with other package formats would like, could you
please send me either thee package extension (with any sub-parts is
uses) or an update to the above regex?

This program works fine for both Helix GNOME (which I just upgraded to,
and not so sure I like it over regular.... anyways....) and regular
GNOME by updating from (or

I plan on adding the ability to traverse sub-directories on an
FTP site (as soon as I figure out how... anyone familiar with Python
wanna lend a hand?  ;-)  Once done, it should be fully capable of at
least downloading the latest packages from any FTP site, including
GNOME.  The actual installation is up to the user, but the next release
I make (which should be as soon as I get the package type list expanded
a bit more) will include an example script I wrote that updates package

Um, yes...  Anyways, I use the script myself for keeping my system
up-to-date, and hopefully once it gets polished up a bit more, and maybe
if I add a GTK/GNOME frontend, it could be used a nice "official" GNOME
update or something... I dunno.

Oh, BTW, I haven't heard anything from the GIP team in a while... I'd
like to make my script use GIP if it is installed on the machine, but
I'm afraid the latest release doesn't have nearly enough features for it
to be plausible... is this project still being worked on?  I really
liked the idea the progress so far.  ^,^

Anyways, I'm babbling on and on... sorry...  um, thanks if you help me
out (and thanks to those who already have), and thanks to everyone else
just because.  ~,^

Sean Middleditch

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