Re: GNOME Hello with CORBA support

> 	  The main purpose (of gnorba-helper) is providing a CORBA interface to all
> developed GNOME applications making the least changes possible. In this way,
> gedit (or other GNOME app) would be accessible through CORBA changing line
> "gnome_init (...)" to "gnome_CORBA_init_server (...)", defining IDL and
> linking CORBA methods to implemented gedit methods. I'm sure that Bonobo is
> more complicated.

Not really.  Bonobo is all about simplifying this kind of setups.

> Bonobo is a component model that is at other level, the same as OLE in Windows
> -I think-. I repeat that my intentions isn't making a component model, only
> providing to all GNOME apps a CORBA interface in order to rise a really GNU
> Network Object Model Environment. If all GNOME apps would have a CORBA
> interface, then G.N.O.M.E. will become true and anything GNOME app could use
> other one.

That is exactly the vision, but using plain CORBA interfaces is not as
powerful as agreeing on a number of things, like the factory interface
and the Bonobo::Unknown interface.  

And once you accept that those interfaces are useful, you might as
well save time, and use Bonobo to implement them.


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