Re: GNOME Hello with CORBA support

Jason Wilcox wrote:
> I'm only sending this e-mail to you, Jose, because I could be wrong, and
> would prefer only one upset person yelling at me. However, from hearing
> Miguel talk, and looking at
> it appears to me that
> bonobo is basically built on top of you should be able to use
> bonobo and get any of the CORBA features you want, and also get some added
> funcitonality on top(OLE like). I actually think Bonobo is basically CORBA
> meets COM+.

Hello Jason.
	You are rigth, bonobo is based on CORBA. But bonobo has standard interfaces
(this is really a dangerous and powerful point) for embedding objects and
managing embeddable objects in containers.
	You ought to notice that bonobo is related with OBJECTS -this is a good
reason for standarizing CORBA interfaces- and gnorba-helper is associated to
GNOME APPLICATIONS (more general) in order to facilitate that ALL GNOME apps
can be easily servers and/or clients. In other words, if you had coded one
GNOME/Gtk application you will convert quickly it into a server with
gnorba-helper; then other apps will can able to use your application (like you
can use others).
> I hope I've helped you, if not feel free to flame away!

I am very grateful to you.

Regards from Spain,
	Josť Antonio.

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