Re: [pygtk] gtk-1.3 work

Title: Re: [pygtk] gtk-1.3 work
 This is really cool.

 Any ideas when one will be able to get gtk 1.4, gnome 2.0, python 2.0
and all those nifty things?

 I'd really like to start using them, but am not yet hack-fluent enough
to just dive in.

 And while you are at it, can anyone point me to a nice tutorial on how
to use Extension class? Something a la Learning Python

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On 7/3/00, 8:08:16 AM, James Henstridge <> wrote
regarding [pygtk] gtk-1.3 work:

> A few days ago, I branched the gnome-python module in CVS.  The
> 1.2 branch is gtk-gnome-1-2 if people are interested.

> I just quickly generated the wrappers for GtkLabel and GtkWindow to
> things out a little.  I have attached a simple example that shows how
> it is to do multilingual output with gtk-1.3.

> Python-2.0 unicode strings fit nicely with gtk, as they convert to
> automatically when you use the "s" format code with PyArg_ParseTuple.
> it is possible to just pass a unicode string to GtkLabel and have
> Just Work(TM)

> Python-2.0 makes it very easy to create unicode strings if your text
is in
> a different encoding.  You can just do:
>   ustr = unicode('a string in encoding xyz', 'xyz')

> Now when you pass ustr to gtk, it should be able to display it.  As
> unicode strings can be used to represent any other encoding string,
> can now have more than one language in a single GUI.

> Lets see you do that in Tkinter :)

> James.

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