Tasklist applet again

Hi there!

I have some misunderstanding about ``tasklist_applet'' behaviour.

It's option ``Move iconified task to current workspace when restoring'' is unset.
So I can hope that each task iconified in particular workspace will be restored 
in it. But it is not =(

This effect appears in following situaton:
  -- two windows (say, "1" and "2") are placed in different workspaces 
        (1 and 2 respectively).
  -- they are iconified, first "1" and then "2", with *left mouse double-click*
  -- then "2" is deiconified. It appears in workspace 2. ok.
  -- "1" is deiconified. It appears in workspace 2 too. =(((

Yet another problem. When I try to iconify task placed not in current w/s,
it is deiconified not in w/s where it was before. But it would be pretty good
if each task will stay in particular w/s untill I move it to another, right?

Alexander Koptelov
Institute of System Programming
e-mail: steve@kazbek.ispras.ru

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