Working on gnome-man2html

I just saw on CVS a check-in by 'dhweeler' to gnome-core/help-browser that
'improves Hyperlink support'. Anyway - I would like point out that this

The new place to work on these modules is in 'nautilus/components/help' -
There you will find 'gnome-info2html2', 'gnome-db2html2', and
'gnome-man2html2'. If you wish to work on the old gnome-core help-browser
then please MERGE your fixes into the Nautilus components too.

At the very least if you do not have the time, email me the patch you are
committing. I do not gurantee that I will have the time to apply it, but at
the very least I will put it in the Eazel bugzilla for it to be reviewed at
a later time.

Thank you for your time,
Ali Abdin

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