Re: gnome-libs man pages.

-> > If CodeCommander is free software, it would probably be better to
-> > adapt it to use the GNU Info documentation, which is superior in
-> > functionality.
-> But totally obsolete. Use DocBook.

	Unfortunately, there aren't any easy-to-use, GUI-like DocBook
creation tools available (that I'm aware of).  The author needs to know
the tags, when and where to use them, and all the issues around SGML (or
now, XML) document creation.  Then, you need a full-fledged development
environment built around jade that will 'compile' it into HTML before you
can even see whether or not it looks any good.

	Furthermore, most programs (like Code/Warrior/Crusader/etc.) do
not have any support for displaying SGML, let alone searching it
intelligently.  So all the docs need to be converted to HTML before
they're really usable in an app anyhow.

	I think these issues are barriers to DocBook's adoption as a
"standard" documenation format.  I'd really like to see it take off, but
it's very difficult for the beginner (read: endusers who are willing to
document software) to get started.

	It would be nice if there were something like Netscape Composer
that produced immediate visual results, along with a selectable library of
tags to choose from...


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