GnomeFont is privatized

Well, as I promised, GnomeFont internals are now private, so both source
and binary compatibility of GnomeFont object is broken. The general
interfaces remained compatible still, so programs not reading font
internal attributes should work without recompile.

Most attributes can be read with straightforward methods:

gdouble gnome_font_get_size (const GnomeFont * font)

Still there are some minor semantic changes:

gnome_font_get_name () does not necessarily return PostScript name, for
the latter there is gnome_font_get_ps_name (). The former will
(hopefully) one day return localized semi-official name.

Instead of gnome_font_get_glyph () there is gnome_font_lookup_default () -
which (hopefully) will be extended to take into account different

The most basic metric and shape access methods are (at moment)

  ArtPoint * gnome_font_get_glyph_stdadvance (font, glyph, advance)
  ArtDRect * gnome_font_get_glyph_stdbbox (font, glyph, bbox)
  const ArtBpath * gnome_font_get_glyph_stdoutline (font, glyph)

Which will (hopefully) one day return metrics according to set script

There is full-featured gtkobject GnomeFontFace in place of
GnomeFontUnsized and GnomeFontMap.


I have not incremented gnome-print version number, so if anybody has
more incompatible changes pending those can be thrown in. If there are
none, it should become 0.21.


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