Developer Documentation

Hi all-

I have been asked by Dan Mueth (GDP's fearless leader) to compile a list
of all the documentation currently available for GNOME developers.  It
is our (GDP's) hope that we can rearrange the current documentation so
it is in a more central location and easier to find exactly what a
developer needs in a timely fashion.  In other words, making the docs
easier to find the correct information than looking directly at the

I have tried to go through each library that is commonly used in GNOME
applications and determine what type of documentation exists, if any. 
Below are my findings.  If I have left out any libraries you feel should
be included please either email me or the GDP mailing list at The order the libraries are listed in is completely

Specific Library docs:

ORBit - minimal docs in CVS, ORBit Beginner's Guide, ORBit & GTK
HOWTO,         white papers, tutorial
ORBit-C++ binding - minimal docs in CVS
ORBit-Python binding - no docs
ORBit-Perl binding - general doc
ORBit-Eiffel binding - no docs
ORBit-Ada binding - no apparent docs
ORBit-Tcl binding - no apparent docs
XmHTML - API docs
bonobo - programming guide/API docs
gdk-pixbuf - API docs
glade - docs in progress
glib - API docs, tutorial
gtk+-1.2 - API docs, tutorial
gdk - API docs
libGNOME - API docs
libgnomeui - API docs incomplete
libgnorba - API docs
libart-lgpl - API docs incomplete, white paper
gnome-print - API docs incomplete
esound - "man page" like docs, whitepaper
gtk-- - FAQ, tutorial, API docs
gtkhtml - no docs
Imlib - programmer's guide/API docs, tutorial (only found link)
libPropList - API docs (need to convert to Docbook to include in
libgtop - API docs
libsigc++ - API docs, programmer's guide (need to convert to Docbook
to                                             include in webpage)
libunicode - no docs
oaf - no docs (scattered articles)
pango - API docs
popt - programmer's guide
gnome-xml - whitepaper, programmer's guide/API docs, tutorial
gnome-vfs - API docs incomplete
ghttp - programmer's guide incomplete (abandoned)
libIDL - no docs
gtkDPS - no docs
gktGL - no docs

General developer docs:

GNOME Configuration Files
GNOME Multimedia Framework
GNOME Technologies
Internationalization in GTK+
Drag-and-Drop in GTK+ and GNOME
Simple GNOME Apps
Panel Applets
GNOME Help System
GNOME Programming Guidelines
How to write a wrapper-friendly API
Panel API
ZvtTerm Widget API
GConf Documentation
Document Object Model
The GNOME Window Manager Specification
The GNOME Extended Window Manager Hints Specification (in active
GTK+/Gnome Application Development

I hope this is useful to some people.  Most of the older libraries have
API docs, but a lot of the newer ones don't, which is distressing.  So,
there is a need for people, who can read code, to start API docs.  It
would also be nice to see a tutorial on bonobo or gdk-pixbuf, since the
code is starting to stabilize.

Eric Baudais

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