Re: Gnome Print CVS status.

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello guys,
>    We might have not communicated this previously, but people are
> running into problems because they are using gnome-print from CVS
>    Lauris and I will be working on cleaning up massively gnome-print
> in the next few weeks: we expect major API changes to be done in this
> time.  Binary and source incompatible changes are being made to the
> code right now in the HEAD branch.
>    If you need gnome-print, the official position right now is "use
> the released tarball" until further notice.
>    We do not have an estimate yet on when those changes will start to
> stabilize, but we will try to keep people informed as the new code
> base matures.
> Best wishes,
> Miguel.

Can you elucidate on the gnome-print/bonobo dependency here ?

Right now nautilus has a dependency on gnome-print only because bonobo
depends on it.

Can we use gnome-print off a tarball while using bonobo HEAD ?

I guess the same question applies to gtkhtml.

If the answer is no, then would it be ok for you guys to do a
gnome-print release now that works with both bonobo and gtkhtml and will
continue to do so for the foreseeable future ?



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