Re: Gnome Print CVS status.

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

>    If you need gnome-print, the official position right now is "use
> the released tarball" until further notice.

Please, create a stable branch to make it possible to check in (new)
translations.  Okay, gnome-print isn't released as stable but
nevertheless please make it a habit to create those branches (and
announce them).  In theory creating branches should have happened to all
1.2 gnome modules where it wasn't already done (e.g. for gnome-libs it
isn't needed).


I what you to ask to normalize some message strings ASAP (e.g., adding
dots to tooltips which are sentences).  If we do this normalization
we'll break the translations and this should not happen concerning a
released package from GNOME 1.2.

I hope it's clear what I want to say.

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