Re: Online book as tarball

"Magnus =?iso-8859-1?Q?Wirstr=F6m?= <>" wrote:

> Does anyone have Havoc Pennington's exellent online book "GTK+/Gnome
> Application Development" as a tarball. it would be nice not having to go
> online to read stuff in it !!!! Is there anyplace I can dl it ? or can
> someone send it to me ?

Perform a:

wget -r -L

and it will recursively download the book.

I cannot speak to the legality this action -- I leave that to Mr. 

Sourav Mandal

Sourav K. Mandal

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Physics

"In enforcing a truth we need severity rather than
efflorescence of language. We must be simple, 
precise, terse."

                      -- Edgar Allan Poe, 
                        "The Poetic Principle"

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