GNOME-Su under active development


I have a fair amount of work on Gnome-SU done, and expect to have
something worth using soon.  Most notably, the suid code is separated into
a very clean API which allows converting any existing su into "gsu-suid"
with a tiny patch.  The suid code itself is also very small and clean.

The idea is that gsu will not require much suid code maintenance
for any distro and introduce the least possible amount of new code.
(aprox. 150 lines.)

As well, I have an API (one function call really) that allows an
application to pass a command to a privileged shell, and read stdin or
stdout from that privileged command.  This is done through the gsu-suid

A glade gsu GUI is also done.

So, I'm doing testing and a bit more integration and expect to have code
out soon-spare-time-permitting.  I have the Debian su patched, and will
do the GNU one at some point if nobody who actually uses it wants to.

That said, I'm new to the GNOME project and don't have a CVS account.
Therefore, I'd appreciate someone posting an "obsolescence" note in the
gnome-utils/mini-utils/gsu dir.

Please CC responses to Adrian Johnston <>.

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