More GNOME 1.4 Plans


This is an update on the progress being made on the GNOME 1.4 release.

There is now a public mailing list for the release of GNOME 1.4.  This
list is for coordination of the release, including announcing when
tarballs are needed etc., so all maintainers of modules being released
with 1.4 need to be on this list.  In addition, people involved in
translations and documentation, or others interested in helping with
the release should subscribe.

You can subscribe to this list by mailing with the subject 'subscribe'.

Maciej and I will be drafting up an initial list of modules that will
be in GNOME 1.4, and then discussion will move to the list.

Currently, the plan is to release GNOME 1.4 in mid- to late-October.
Maciej and I will again be drafting up a rough schedule and task list,
and most likely setting up a bugzilla for the release.

Jacob and Maciej

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