Re: October the 13th : Star/Gnome

 In any case, this is good news, excellent news. I remember saying this 
on this list a year ago. Asking if gnome folks talked to StarOffice or 
Applixware people about integrating with gnome.

 I had no idea one of them would go down the path and beyond by going the 
GPL way.

 This is really cool. I have a couple of quickies though.

 StarOffice groupware offerings are great. They just need a bit of 
optimization and revamping of UI. What does this mean for stuff like 

 Do we need it really, now that SO is going open source?
 I think we still need nautilus. But IMHO, evolution should merge with 
StarOffice's mail/scheduling/.... or the other way around. Call 
cross-polination of code!

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> It is just me, or does anyone else wonder about the significance
> of when the source to StarOffice becomes available.
> Does someone at Sun see it as a second October Revolution?
> Have they recalled any good books by John Reed?
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