Ann: GtkCanvas 0.1

(I have sinned. GNOME developers, please pardon me)

This is to announce GtkCanvas 0.1, a backport of the GnomeCanvas widget to 
gtk+.  It can be downloaded from

As a generic gtk+ widget, GtkCanvas only depends on GdkImlib and gtk+.
This widget behaves identically to the GnomeCanvas widget, with the same APIs, 
except the API names are changed from gnome_canvas to gtk_canvas. 

Currently the widget still depends on GdkImLib, which is available from

Modern GNU/Linux distributions like Red Hat should come with it already.  Since
the next version of gtk+ will drop GdkImLib and intgrate with gdk-pixbuf, it
is expected that future versions of this widget will depend upon gtk+ only.

I intend to have GtkCanvas follows GnomeCanvas closely and merges new code
whenever a stable release of the latter is made.  Thus this is not really a
fork but rather a "re-packaging" of the same code.  I recommend that people 
consider using the GNOME libraries first before using this widget, as the GNOME
framework provides many services, much more than a canvas widget.  

If the gtk+ maintainers decide someday to place this widget into gtk+, then I
shall turn this to them and stop distribute this widget separately.

***PLEASE CONSIDER USING THE GNOME FRAMEWORK first before using this widget!!!

Again, I basically did a re-packing.  The main authors of this software were
Federico Mena <> (GnomeCanvas) and Raph Levien <>

Since this is the first release of this widget, there may be bugs. 
Please let me know of any problems.

Andy Tai

Li-Cheng Tai (Andy Tai)                       e-mail:

Free software:  the software by the people, of the people and for the people,
worldwide.  Develop! Share! Enhance! And enjoy!

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