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On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 03:00:52PM -0400,
Havoc Pennington <> wrote:
>  - there aren't options to get the install dirs of a package, instead
>    you can just retrieve arbitrary variables from the .pc file, and 
>    some variables like "prefix" have a conventional meaning.
>    We can add all the install dirs if people are using that 
>    feature (though typical uses I've seen are broken - packages 
>    end up installing stuff outside their own prefix, which prevents
>    home-dir installs and is just in general wrong). Would appreciate 
>    pointers to sample uses of this feature.

I'm guilty of that, but it isn't my fault, it's GNOME's. GNOME
only checks in *its* prefix for images, .desktop files, etc.
That's why i install those files in GNOME's prefix instead of my

Specifically, the logo for the About window, the .desktop file
for menus, the gnorba files, pixmaps to be used with
gnome-app-helper toolbars and menus, and help files must all go
in GNOME's prefix, or it may as well not even exist.

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 they go hungry I am called a communist"
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