Re: pkg-config

>  - there aren't options to get the install dirs of a package, instead
>    you can just retrieve arbitrary variables from the .pc file, and 
>    some variables like "prefix" have a conventional meaning.
>    We can add all the install dirs if people are using that 
>    feature (though typical uses I've seen are broken - packages 
>    end up installing stuff outside their own prefix, which prevents
>    home-dir installs and is just in general wrong). Would appreciate 
>    pointers to sample uses of this feature.

Well - say somebody wishes to access the pixmaps distributed with GNOME?
(found in $(gnome-libs_prefix)/share/pixmaps). Say I want to load an OAFINFO
file of another application?

Here is one though that directly impacts me and my code :) In Nautilus we need
to search for GNOME help files in /usr/share/gnome/help (or
$(gnome_libs_prefix)/share/gnome/help really). While we won't be installing
anything there, we need to LOOK in there to build the help index and to allow
people to do 'help:<appname>' to get the file (well actually we don't need it
to 'find' the file since we use the gnome-libs help functions).

Ali Abdin

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