Re: Where is my config file ????

Magnus Wirström <> writes:
> I have saved cofiguration data by using the:
> gnome_config_set_string("/asddialer/filenames/filename1", filename1);
> Well... it works fine ... but the question is .... where does 
> gnome_config save this info on my harddrive ... I have looked for it but 
> I can't find it... is it saving it in a ascii file or does it use 
> something that looks like windows registry file ?

This is in ~/.gnome/appid, where appid was passed to gnome_init().
> Also ... does anyone have a good tip of a easy way to write 
> documentation ... I would like to write it so it works with the gnome 
> help system (or help reader)

The way to do it is to use DocBook. Have a look at the GNOME
Documentation Project for information; there should be a link from


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