Re: [PATCH] gnome-terminal shortcut fonts menu

Paul Warren <> writes:
> This patch adds the xterm-like feature of putting your favorite fonts on
> the gnome-terminal menu.  It adds a "fonts" tab to the preferences
> dialog allowing you to edit these fonts.
> I've heard this feature requested on gnome-list a few times, and is also
> wishlist item #3527.

If you choose the font from the menu, is it just for a certain
terminal or does it save it as the default config? (Personally the
former sounds better to me.)
> I'd be grateful to hear any comments on this.  Is this correct place to
> send patches?

Probably, but I'd also CC the gnome-terminal maintainers and stick it
in the bug tracker, if you want to be sure it doesn't get forgotten.


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