RE: ESound Development and ALSA

I take the lack of response to mean either, no, or noone really is working
on it at the present time.

Should this be addressed to a different gnome mailing list?  The info I have
seems to indicate the project has been passed to the gnome development
group, which is why I am asking here.  I have found a cvs tree of it, but no
mailing list information (unless I am missing something right in front of my

Eric Bresie

> From: On Behalf Of Eric Bresie
> Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 4:08 PM
> Is there an Esound/ESD mailing list devoted to ESD development?
> I am curious what the status of alsa support in the ESD/Esound Daemon is.
> There have been some mixer API changes in the works as well and I was also
> concerned about that.
> Will Esd continue to be the sound mixing daemon for Enlightenmnet/Gnome or
> will it be passed out in favor of another new or existing daemon
> (Is aRts an
> alternative?)?
> Eric Bresie

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