Re: ESound Development and ALSA

Also, all though there is no gnome relationship,
I've been working on a soundserver with
effects etc, under LGPL:

It does use glib and the gtk+-1.2 object model.
The server and client come in the same tarball
but are really independant, except using the
same protocol (and protocol-manipulation classes).

We are most the way through "gdamdsp", an espdsp clone
that talks to a gdam-server.  Once that is done,
and the protocol is better documented, I'd be delighted
if it'd be considered for inclusion (as two packages probably)
in gnome.

The server's primary goals are to be lightweight, fast and secure.
The server is now rather stable.

- Dave

On 28 Jul 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> "Eric Bresie" <> writes:
> > I take the lack of response to mean either, no, or noone really is working
> > on it at the present time.
> >
> No one is really working on it. You might ask Tim ( about
> progress on a replacement, he was talking to all the involved parties
> including Stefan of aRts fame.
> Havoc
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