Re: Terminal emulation applet

> Why don't you just move a gnome-terminal into the corner and remove the
> window decorations?  (Sawmill lets you do this through the window menu.)
> I don't mean to criticize... I was just wondering why. :)

Well, actually I didn't thought of that and now that I've made the
applet, I think it is nicer.

It is a lot easier to set up an applet, it works like a charm right
out the box. And with the panel way you get the added benefit that the
terminal can be hidden with one click. And if you already have the big
standard panel, you save some screen estate. And it looks rather
beautiful. So when the applet is here, why should I? ;-)

Before I started programming the applet, I was actually thinking about
making a standalone program - a console like the one from Quake that
would pop up when needed, but then I thought, this is what the panel
already is doing and I realized that an applet would be smarter,
integrating well with the rest of a Gnome desktop. The final solution
to the missing shell problem. Time for some expensive words, I think:

"Bash is your friend; don't let the GUI separate you."


Ole Laursen

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