Re: FYI: Mac OS X Desktop

-> > 	Minimizing does something they call the "Genie" effect.  It warps
-> > the image of the window (as if it was liquid going into a funnel) down
-> > into the icon that resides in their panel.  However, the icon is NOT a
-> > generic, meta-data (or "registered") icon.  The icon is, in fact, a
-> > miniaturized picture of the actual application window.
-> Not sure how useful that would be - most of my Netscape windows would look the 
-> same if you shrunk them down to 64*64 pixels! Useful for an image editor, but 
-> for an audio editor? A text editor?

	There were still regular icons; that is, there was still the
boring blue "e" for Internet Explorer, et al. 

	Now that I think of it, I only saw an image being minimized, so
it's possible that the shrinking only happens to "image" (i.e., PNG, JPG,
etc.) files.  However, my impression was that the genie effect happens to
all minimized windows.

	In any event, it looked really cool, I can't wait to dink
around with it after it comes out...


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