Re: Rebooting and halting the system in gnome

 Helix packages as well as RedHat packages come with this enabled. 

 Now new users would never go check that file for configuration 

 What I was trying to hint at is that you really should allow 
shutdown/reboot on all local logins (physically at terminal), put a 
notice on RedHat manual/Helix code packages manual telling sys admins 
about how to disable it, so that universities, corporations might 
change it if they wish.

 For me home user of linux, I don't want to be asked for passwords for 
those kinds of things IF I am logged in physically, period.

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On 6/7/00, 7:13:41 PM, Jacob Berkman <> wrote 
regarding Re: Rebooting and halting the system in gnome:

> Hassan Aurag <> writes:

> >  For some weird reason, gdm allows you once logged out to shutdown
> > reboot without any passwords.

> Note that:

> This is only if it is turned on in the config file, and only on local
> logins.

> Jacob
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