Re: slow Remote X-windows displaying...

Speaking of slow rendering, I have an old 486 set up that I use as an X
terminal.  When running gtk apps that use the tree widget (gmc and the
gnome control center most notably), I notice gobs of slow, seemingly
redundant redraws each time the tree is updated.  Is this just part of the
way gtk draws it's widgets, or is there something funky in the code for
those programs that tells it to refresh many times?

On 9 Jun 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> "Daniel M. German" <> writes:
> > 
> > Yes, I pondered it, and I tried it. It does not seem to affect the
> > speed of the rendering. Specially that I am comparing a small window
> > in GNOME with a large, graphical Netscape Windows. The gnome one
> > loses. Somehow it looks like the netscape window is able to cache its
> > contents and redisplay them. But the gnome/gtk window has to redraw
> > all its content. I have tried it without compression and the result is
> > essentially the same.
> > 
> > I also tried to use the default theme. It seems to speed it up things
> > a little bit, but it is still slower than other windows.  Again,
> > Netscape seems to redisplay the entire contents of the window almost
> > instantly, while I can see a gtk window redrawing its contents when it
> > is asked to be displayed again.
> > 
> > To the gtk gurus: does that make sense? Are there windows
> > (motif/lesstif/X) that are quicker to redisplay because they have
> > buffered their contents, but gtk/gnome has to redisplay everything
> > again?
> > 
> That explanation doesn't seem right, if you're just talking about GTK
> widgets like buttons and such they should be equivalent to Motif
> widgets.
> If you're talking about a custom display like a web page in Netscape
> or something in a particular GTK app, it's possible those are done
> very differently. In particular canvas-based displays like Gnumeric
> are probably quite slow over a network connection, because Gnumeric's
> display is basically a giant image that has to be pushed over to the
> server.
> Havoc
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