Re: how to remove a CanvasWidget from a canvas and put it on another canvas wrote:

> > Hi,
> > is there a simplistic way to remove a CanvasWidget from a canvas that is
> > being destroyed such that the actual GtkWidget can be used to create a
> > CanvasWidget on another canvas?
> If you do a gtk_widget_ref (widget); before destroying the canvas, then create
> the new canvas, put the new canvaswidget on it, and do a gtk_widget_unref
> (widget);
> iain

I've tried your suggestion however when the canvas is destroyed the  canvasitem
that is associated with the gtkwidget is destroyed and subsequently performs a
gtk_widget_destroy() on the gtkwidget. Calling gtk_widget_ref() before destroying
the canvas doesn't seem to keep the widget from being destroyed along with the
canvasitem. The only thing so far that I have found to work is setting the
gnomecanvasitem->widget to NULL before destroying the canvas. From looking at the
code for gnome_canvas_widget_destroy() this will work. What I haven't determined
yet is if there are any side effects from doing this.

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