GMC icons/text and future nautilus


 This is not a question but a comment.

 I am one of those who use chbg to change their backgrounds each 5 
minutes or so.

 Now, all those nice GMC icons on my desktop have text under them, 
which I need in order to recognize all those files.

 Depending on what theme one uses those text labels are white, yellow, 
black ....

 The problem is that it can happen that your theme gives white text 
and the background too is white-ish.

 So my suggestion would be to have all those text bubbles, either:
	-have their own background and not a transparent one. I don't like 

	-Or better yet, make the text area (the base rectangle) be 
transparent with shading exactly like what gnome-terminal or Eterm do 
in transparent mode.


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