Re: Mac-style menus

If you want proper operation of menu maybe checkout the GNUstep 
project.  The entire interface is geared to work with those kinds 
of menus.

> I've had this argument before in a number of different settings, and I
> think I've yet to convince more than one person, but that's a different
> matter...  My argument goes:  It's not *just* a matter of personal
> preference.  Some functions belong to the application, and not just the
> particular document (window) you're working with.  Sticking a global
> 'Quit' menu item under a window 'File' menu has bitten me more than
> once.  Using 'sloppy-focus' *is* a problem with Mac menus...  I've
> proposed (on other forums) having the global menu be a task list (for
> programs that wanted to export menus in this fashion, especially apps
> that work with more than one document at a time).  Click on the task's
> name, and a submenu for that process is displayed, which contains all
> application-level commands for the process (like 'Quit', 'New', 'Open'
> and 'About').  (also solves the problem that a lot of Mac users have of
> forgetting when they've accidentally left their application open, since
> the task list is always there, and conspicuous.)

George Farris - VE7FRG

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