Re: GnomeFont state of affairs

Lauris Kaplinski <> writes: 
> Now my own reasoning for separate Gnome font API is following:
> Gnome has some specific needs, which are not covered by low-level
> API -
> such as font installing, font sharing in workgroups, font matching between
> different output devices & so on.

Can you please try to have only a glib/pango dependency? I see no
reason you need a GNOME dependency here.

If it has a GNOME dependency, people will have to reimplement a
generally-useful solution. Most Linux distributions won't be able to
adopt a GNOME-specific solution for installing fonts, for example.

It's OK to have a library on top that actually requires GNOME, for
stuff like dialogs, but installing fonts etc. should be below the GTK

Probably shouldn't call it GnomeFont either, perhaps GFont with a
gfont_ prefix for functions, similar to GConf.


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