Re: gdk-pixbuf external conversion?

On Sat, 17 Jun 2000, Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:

> >>>>> In article <>, Robert Mibus
> >>>>> <> writes:
>     Robert> (the attached patch is also @
>     Robert> incase the patch doesnt 'stick' when its posted to the list.)
> In my humble opinion (very humble since I have contributed real code
> to anything yet; at least not visibly), this kind of dependecy should
> be avoided (imlib is not very elegant for that matter).
> A good way to start implementing it would be to get the source code of
> that utility (provided the licenses are compatible) and to adapt/merge
> it in gdk-pixbuf (to create a module for it).

The screenshooter uses excellent application (convert?) to do all its
conversion. IMHO something such should be semi-standard part of gnome
itself, maybe as part of bigger file conversion framework.

My 0.02

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