Hi all,

I wrote a C++ class browser (CCView- that
shows classes, member functions or files in a tree. The user can then
double-click on a function or whatever and thier text editor is launched...

Anyway, in the first release I just had some shell scripts to use the
gnuclient program to automate (x)emacs. It would be slicker to use
CORBA. My question is, what is the purpose of the interface in
desktop-editor.idl? Do any editors implement it? Does any program call the

I wrote a simple server that implements the interface, again using gnuclient
to automate emacs. Some methods are unimplemented, but most work ok. CCView
has been modified to optionally use the interface. Before I go any further,
I guess I'd like to get a better handle on the above questions...

Other questions arising from my initial explorations of Orbit, etc:

Is there any tutorial on oaf? I gather it is a goad replacement- should I
be using it now?

Is GConf considered stable enough to use for medium term projects?

The Desktop::Editor interface causes problems with C++. The "new" argument
of the insert method conflicts with operator new, and the delete method
conflicts with operator delete. This can be worked around, but is a pain.
Would it be possible to fix this?

As defined, to open a new file in an editor, you call 
Desktop::TextViewerFactory::open  -- so we need to explictly activate a
EditorFactory object instead of activating the Editor directly. Is this
what we want to do? How should the lifetime of the EditorFactory be 
managed (does not derive from GnomeUnknown)?

Would it make sense to look at making CCView into a Nautilus view? Might
be fun...

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