Re: Question on gdk-pixbuf

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> Lauris Kaplinski <> writes:
> We have the data format as a (colorspace, bits per pixel) pair.  I
> really don't want to support R5G6B5 and other such brokenness.  I
> would like to have (grayscale, 8) and (cmyk, 8) representations.
> 16-bit channels would also be good.

And we wonder where the GNOME bloat comes from!

> Adding support for this can be done reasonably easily, I think.

Yes, and that is what is needed!

> The pixops function pretty much take care of all of this already.

Not in a nice manner.  e.g. scale requires an extra set of parameters over
plain copying.  If I want to copy from a gdk_pixbuf to a drawable, I need
a different function(etc).  This creates a multitude of functions, usually
with slightly different syntax and semantics.


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