GNOME apps printing to PDF

it converts only text to pdf but is a good place to get ideas. It's a perl
script. Most of it probably won't apply but still worth checking out. It was
just released March 10, 2000 ver 3.2 and yes I'm still trying to figure that out

> 6) Project of the Week
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Miguel wrote in with a nice project idea: modify gnome-print to have a
> PDF backend in addition to the PostScript backend. Then all GNOME apps
> will automatically be able to export to PDF format. Sounds like a
> pretty nice project, and it shouldn't be too hard to implement, just a
> matter of getting a reference to the PDF format, then copying the
> PostScript backend using PDF instead of PostScript. Basically you just
> have to implement a virtual table with functions like draw_line(),
> etc. If you're interested, check 'gnome-print' out of CVS and have a
> look.

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