Re: How do I overlay the Gnome Panel?

The panel can be configured to "keep panel below windows"
This is in the global panel properties --> Miscellaneous (near the bottom)
Seems to me like this would do it.


Michael ROGERS wrote:

> >If the WM understands GNOME hints, you should be able to set the layer
> >to ABOVE_DOCK, and that should work.
> I don't think there is support for above-dock windows in the draft WM spec,
> (it uses semantic hints to indicate the type of window to the window
> manager, rather than specific layer or decoration hints) so you might want to
> email the wm-spec-list and describe your requirements, to make sure something
> suitable gets added to the new spec.
> As for hiding the cursor, I guess you could set it to a transparent pixmap
> using gdk_create_cursor_from_pixmap (?).
> Michael
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