Re: gnome programs and the GTK+

Title: Re: gnome programs and the GTK+


I would really suggest you go have a look at the GTK+/Gnome Application Development book by Havoc Pennington (and no I don't get paid for that). It's also available for free online on the gnome developer website.

It's chapter 3 of the book you want to have a look at. It's well written and will save you a lot of time.

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Author: "christopher bates" <>

Re: gnome programs and the GTK+:

I have done some windows programming and some KDE programming and now want to move onto GNOME as it sounds like it will become one of the standard window-managers in the future. I have read that the GTK+ is a container based toolkit and that you do not use a co-ordinate system to position widgets as you do in some other GUIs. I want to know if there is any way of specifying the size of these widjets at all. For instance, how would I create something similar to the CD player under KDE, where the central "screen" is more than twice as wide and big as the buttons at the side? Please help,




Chris Bates.

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